Hashtag Fash would like to award Michael Agwunobi as the Designer of 2014… the Designer of 2013 AND the Designer of 2012. We CANNOT get over how genius his Spring Summer 2014 collection is.

    Not even aged up to 25 years old, yet Michael Agwunobi has taken the fashion industry by storm and has found the perfect equilibrium between Music and Fashion. Furthermore, MTV actually dubbed his tees as “mixing hip hop with high fashion” - totally #fash!

    Fans of the brand are Rihanna, Rita Ora, Leona Lewis, Asap, even Beyonce’s stylist Tyrone, as well as thousands of influential fashion bloggers and press. You don’t have to have a degree in Fashion to love and understand it, we always say, but how does one go from having a degree in Business to conquering the industry, dare we say it? Well what does Michael Agwunobi, Karl Lagerfeld, Domenico Dolce and Hedi Slimane have in common? They’re go-getters. How? Well can you design a collection AND shoot your campaign? I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a lot of work, let alone pressure of perfection. In essence, you’re the Designer, Creative Director AND Managing Director of your own brand. Oh, but we mentioned a Business degree right? It’s inspirational how Michael Agwunobi, started from scratch and was pretty much completely self taught. He has hands down created some of the best graphic designs of all time. Bold statement? True statement. We’re about to show you why:

    Line up the bitches:

    This tshirt has collectively reached around a million notes on tumblr, for a reason. The best thing about Michael Agwunobi’s designs is that they speak for themselves.


    Unless you’ve been living under a swaroski encrusted rock, you’ve heard of the word, #selfie. This word doesn’t seem to go anywhere, we even have the older generation trying to “get down with the kids” and taking every opportunity to utilise this word in any sentence! So how about a chic version of this word?

    Turn Up:

    Graphically this design is incredible. Upon first inspection, you may or may have not noticed that the medusa on this tshirt is the most hipster medusa you will ever seen. Ultimately she’s doing a Miley slash i-D online face. Ooooh betcha ya didn’t see that at first, eh?


    Amazing. Word play at it’s finest. Take the name of one of the world’s best magazine’s and mix in Michael Agwunobi, place this mixture into a preheated oven and what do you get? OG.


    Taking the lyrics from one of Hip Hop’s finest songs in the past few years “Clique” by Jay Z and Kanye West, as well as taking Clinique and well, playing around with it.

    “Ain’t nobody f*ckin’ with my clique, clique, clique, clique, clique..” – Big Sean

    More Money More Bitch£$:

    You know Biggie right? He had this song, Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems. This tee plays on Maison Martin Margiela’s logo however ‘Maison Martin Margiela’ is replaced with “More Money More” and the usual ‘Paris’ is replaced with “BITCH£$”. The four lines on each corner representing the threads of the Margiela garment labels, we love!

    Too Bored of Suits:

    We put our shades on and rap along to “I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford” but do we!? Those price tags doe! Not to worry my budding Fashiolista, this tshirt plays on theTom Ford logo but it’s much more affordable!

    Ratchet Behaviour:

    Claps. Or shall I click instead? This tshirt is iconic. Let’s take a look at the graphics. Do you see some twerking? Check. Do you also see a horse and a girl cutting hair off of it? Haha, betcha didn’t see that before! This tee completely symbolises the term “ratchet” and symbolises that act of ratchet behaviour. Hermes logo was too damn posh.

    That Sh*t Cray:

    This will never get old. Never. From the song “Paris” by Jay Z and Kanye West and inspired by Comme des Garcons typography.


    Do you love Rihanna? Well she loves this tee. Trill means to be “true” and “real” to oneself, the term was initiated and of course popularised by Hip Hop many years ago but is still used till this day. The two stars on this tee is Inspired by Givenchy.

    Is Kanye Having Another Rant?:

    If not today then maybe tomorrow. Well to be honest, he has just gotten married to Kim Kardashian and he has a gorgeous baby girl so perhaps the rants have temporarily subdued but nontheless Kanye West has provided us with the greatest laughs in recent years with his rants! Would you have thought to use Isabel Marant’s name to integrate Kanye’s rants in? Nope I wouldn’t have either, hence why this tee is GENUIS.

    Gimmy More Choos:

    I want that one and that one and that one please Jimmy.

    Bow Down B*tches:

    Feeling flawless? Beyonce had a song named “Bow Down Bitches” which she has now integrated to a new song Flawless from her new album. Balmain pron Bow-lmain. Bow pron like Bawl. Get it?

    9.9 Problems:

    Maths problem [solved]:

    3x = 9

    (3 x 1) = 3

    3 x 3 = 9

    9/3 = 3

    x = 3

    Play on Phillip Lim 3.1 logo using lyrics from one of Jay Z’s hit records “99 Problems”.

    Hey, did you know, if you buy this tshirt – you’ll have one less problem.

    What are you waiting for? Get your summer wardrobe stocked up! Oh and did we mention, these tees are currently selling for £9.99 but not for long. RUN RUN RUN » www.michaelagwunobi.com/shop «



  2. VALENTINO COUTURE AW15 | PARIS HAUTE COUTURE WEEK | #ValentinoCouture #Valentino #Fashion #Fash

    Inhaler please. 

    Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli were talking about the Pre-Raphaelites, who themselves exalted all things classical. The goddess gowns on the runway were 21st-century interpretations of 19th-century interpretations of Roman togas. 

    Paired with gladiator sandals that laced up to the knees, the dresses also signposted two of the week’s other relevant themes: youthfulness and ease. The Valentino designers have always loved a long, fluid shift. In the past they’ve read as noble or nun-like. Here, tied at the waist with long lengths of leather ribbon, they looked like innocence itself, or innocence on the verge of being lost. (It was somewhat ironic that the voluptuous Kim Kardashian was in the front row; these were not clothes for girls with boobs and butts.) 

    That caveat aside, the collection was lovely. Romantic, but with a nice sense of rawness. Credit goes to the sandals, the leather strapping, and the naive, almost rustic quality of the wool and leather embroideries. The gold and black sheaves of wheat on a white wool dress were simple but striking. Hand-painted daisies on nude organza were subtler. Which isn’t to say that Chiuri and Piccioli neglected the lavish. On the contrary, a coat in gold lamé embroidered with pearls, paillettes, and silk thread was as opulent as anything on the runways this week, and the same is true of a tulle toga embroidered with yet more pearls and crystals. 

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    Hmmm so can a designer claim a smiley face? I’m not sure, all I know is that I must have those canary yellow smiley faced loafers in my life.

    This collection presented an array of prints (tad understatement?) everything from what seems to be a Coca Cola parody to countries of the world, perfect timing for the World Cup 2014 if you ask me!

    Recently seen spotted fresh off the runway by Rita Ora, this collection sure those compliment her style, with reminiscent flares from the 90s, bucket hat, geometric, fish net and denim galore.

    Needless to say, Jeremy Scott brings a non-surgical youthful vibe to any brand he works with, and clearly he’s injected some of that into Moschino.

    We love it!

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