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    Queu Queu meaning “Quality over Quality” was born out of nearly two years of research, design, development, testing and implementation; the collection features five pieces of apparel as well as accessories designed to provide the consumer with a plethora high quality as well as ‘high style’ to utilise to their content.

    The Queu Queu collection features elements of sublime prints as well as the phrase “Keep It 100” etched on the back of some garments; utilising the highest quality tackle twill. Persistently delving into the depths of the equilibrium between high fashion with reasonable prices; the ultimate ideal.

    Constructed with the finest blend of cotton – cotton twill to be precise. Not only will you be surfaced with comfort but also the upmost practicability and versatility.

    The first drop of the collection includes the Keep It 100 Baseball Jersey (available in black and white) as well as a Keep It 100 Marble Football Shirt (also available in black and white). The Queu Queu Baseball Jersey is engineered with the most inimitable synthesis of cotton in the market – cotton twill. This Baseball Jersey marks “Keep It 100” at the back, emulating the placement for sportsmanship. Mesh inserts keep this jersey fresh, innovative and practical especially for all seasons providing a great sense of ventilation. Curved hem gives the jersey a literal different direction to others, the curve could almost symbolise the shape of a “out of the park hit” - rises up round and back down again. The front of the Baseball Jersey has “Queu Queu” embroidered on the left breast, re-iterating a great message. Whether you’re working on a idea that you think is going to change the world, or maybe even studying for the dream degree, remember that Quality Is Greater Than Quantity. Unlike the usual baseball jersey, this Queu Queu shirt is slim fit and thus can be worn as casual and/or smart. Also featuring a high quality vest made of all over double layered mesh material. The double layered mesh significantly differentiates this garment from the rest as the double layered composition means that this vest can be worn solely; a thread of versatility runs throughout the collection.

    Football in the United Kingdom. Soccer in the United States. Either way, this Queu Queu Marble Football Shirt comes at a time where football is still very much etched in the world’s minds after The 2014 World Cup. The strenuous 90min (min) sport requires practicability and comfort which this shirt provides with quality and style. Whether you’re passing, tackling, kicking, walking, schmoney-ing or even just having a bite of the finest Chiellini that Italy has to offer; the Queu Queu Marble Football Shirt will satisfy all uses #MoltoPratico [Very Practical in Italian]. The composition of a garment suitable for work and play really does enable a great addition to one’s wardrobe (or closet).

    If you want quality and style at a good price, head over to www.queuqueu.com. What are you waiting for? Keep it 100.

    Use the discount code HASHFASH15 to get 15% off for a LIMITED TIME only.

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    Posted by Jennifer Agwunobi



    Remember that sense of euphoria we all used to feel painting as children? I particularly loved improvising hoping I’d one day create a masterpiece. My masterpiece may still till this day be pending, however feeling LIKE a masterpiece in SS15 is completely trés possible with the Jasper Conran SS15 collection. The collection was very crisp with splashes of colour being prominent just as the invite hinted. The most beautiful chiffon and wearable silks embellished with splashes of colour alongside the use of geometry, vibrancy and clean white cuts. Oooh and what rhymes with splash? FASH! It’s almost inevitable that we’d love this collection. Gorgeous prints. Sassy shirt dresses. Very earthly colours; a mixture of avocado greens, coffee browns, sky blues and white - the palette in itself is reminiscent of a beautiful relaxed spring day; we have a lot to look forward to. Great company was before us with Jennifer Saunders and Stephen Jones in the FROW, as we tapped our feet and bumped our heads to the likes of Lana Del Rey, Beirut and Julia Hunter - it was truly an amazing show. Conran started his own label at the age of 19 and it’s amazing to see the brand still going ever so strong!

    If you haven’t already, you can read our pre-LFW Jasper Conran write up for more details on Jasper Conran as a designer.

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    Posted by Jennifer Agwunobi